Curiosity Killed the Cat! But That’s What All Great Teams Need!

Tabby gray striped cat relaxes on bed

An interactive session where you uncover through curiosity your values to thrive as a coach and we explore the team dimension of a psychological safe environment to teaching the art of curiosity for teams to thrive.

“Curiosity is correlated with creativity, intelligence, improved learning and memory, and problem solving” – Brene Brown

Dealing With Pandemic-Related Life Changes

Image via Pexels As the pandemic continues to affect people’s lives across the country, many of us are dealing with major life changes as a result of the illness and lockdown. With many businesses closed and the risk of transmission causing people to spend more time at home, there are plenty of challenges—and some benefits—that […]

Emergent Design/Architecture – Techniques to help emerge design/architecture

Image reference I really struggled online to find a clear definition of what Emergent Design/Architecture is, other than a couple of definitions and what one of the principles behind the Agile Manifesto says The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams. – Principles behind the Agile I’m not one to reference Wikipedia much but it […]

Agility is Everywhere

Image reference I have had this article written for a while and haven’t gone round to publishing it so I thought, better late than never. I have also not changed my language and thoughts from 2016 and I can see how I would have re-written this article differently but I’ll leave this as is, as […]

A Retrospective Idea – Formula 1 Pit Stop

Excitement has set in for Formula One fans around the globe with the 2017/18 championship kicking off over the weekend, and as an avid F1 fan myself, I am excited too. So much so that I had developed a retrospective game around the sport a while back and I’ll like to share it with you. […]

Back To Basics

I thought I’ll launch my site with an article or two and I had a good conversation with a colleague of mine which inspired this article. Question? What does the Agile manifesto say? How many of you started responding to that question with any of the 4 values in the manifesto? i.e. “Individuals and Interactions…” […]